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Personal Injury
The airwaves are inundated these days with ads from Attorneys trying to get your business.

Radio and television commercials, (and even bus ads) will try to tell you, in fifteen seconds or less, how this or that particular lawyer will do a better job, or a different job, or a more progressive job, or a more personalized job, for you.

What the ads don’t tell you is that all attorneys usually take cases involving a personal injury, or a car accident, or a fall down, for example, on a contingency fee of 1/3 of any recovery. What that means, is that if they collect any money on your behalf, they get 1/3 of what you recover.

I don’t do that
If I take your personal injury case, it will be on a contingency fee of 25% percent, meaning that if I recover any money on your behalf my fee would be 25% of your recovery. The result is at the end of the day, when all is said and done, you wind up putting more money in your pocket.

Another thing that those ads don’t talk about – what you won’t hear in any fifteen second TV commercial, nor will you see advertised on the side of a bus, is the variety of experience that a particular Attorney has.

I am an experienced Trial Attorney, and I have handled a wide variety of matters – in addition to  car accidents and fall downs.

Here is a brief sampling of the types of matters that I have handled over the years in private practice:

1. The right to the ownership of 140 feet of beach front.

2. The sexual assault of a minor, by another minor, in a public school, suing the minor’s parents, as well as the Board of Education, for negligent supervision.

3. The improper care and supervision of a baby at a daycare facility in which the infant was injured at the hands of her day care provider.

4. A fatality motor vehicle accident in which a 21-year-old was the passenger of a car driven by an intoxicated driver.

5. A severe dog bite of a minor child on Halloween while trick or treating resulting in facial scarring.

6. A negligent and intentional assault upon a Yale University Police Officer while supervising a concert on campus in the course and scope of her employment.

7. A Will Contest seeking the invalidation of the Will based upon the lack of capacity of the decedent.

8. A defamation claim brought by a school teacher against a citizen who made defamatory public comments against her.

9. A premises liability case brought by a Tenant against his Landlord who fell through a rotted bathroom floor.

10. A neighbor-upon neighbor assault.

11.A bar room brawl fight brought against the assailant, as well the as bar for assault, as a negligent supervision respectively, in which the injured party sustained a broken eye socket.

12. A claim brought against a truck driver whose mirror struck a pedestrian while she was standing at the side of a roadway.

13. A claim brought by an Iraqi War Veteran seeking the return to his position as an East Haven Police Officer.

14. A mold case brought by a Tenant against his Landlord for exposure to her, as well as her three children.

15. A Heart and Hypertension case brought by a retired North Haven Fire Lieutenant against Town of North Haven resulting in a $400,000 recovery.

16. A claim seeking the reinstatement of a student in the State School System for his suspension due to an allegation of misconduct against his teacher.