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Personal Injury
personal injury law The airwaves are inundated these days with ads from Attorneys trying to get your business.

Radio and television commercials, (and even bus ads) will try to tell you, in fifteen seconds or less, how this or that particular lawyer will do a better job, or a different job, or a more progressive job, or a more personalized job, for you.

Another thing that those ads don’t talk about – what you won’t hear in any fifteen second TV commercial, nor will you see advertised on the side of a bus, is the variety of experience that a particular Attorney has.

I am an experienced Trial Attorney, and I have handled a wide variety of matters – in addition to  car accidents and fall downs.

Here is a brief sampling of the types of matters that I have handled over the years in private practice:

1. The right to the ownership of 140 feet of beach front.

2. The sexual assault of a minor, by another minor, in a public school, suing the minor’s parents, as well as the Board of Education, for negligent supervision.

3. The improper care and supervision of a baby at a daycare facility in which the infant was injured at the hands of her day care provider.

4. A fatality motor vehicle accident in which a 21-year-old was the passenger of a car driven by an intoxicated driver.

5. A severe dog bite of a minor child on Halloween while trick or treating resulting in facial scarring.

6. A negligent and intentional assault upon a Yale University Police Officer while supervising a concert on campus in the course and scope of her employment.

7. A Will Contest seeking the invalidation of the Will based upon the lack of capacity of the decedent.

8. A defamation claim brought by a school teacher against a citizen who made defamatory public comments against her.

9. A premises liability case brought by a Tenant against his Landlord who fell through a rotted bathroom floor.

10. A neighbor-upon neighbor assault.

11.A bar room brawl fight brought against the assailant, as well the as bar for assault, as a negligent supervision respectively, in which the injured party sustained a broken eye socket.

12. A claim brought against a truck driver whose mirror struck a pedestrian while she was standing at the side of a roadway.

13. A claim brought by an Iraqi War Veteran seeking the return to his position as an East Haven Police Officer.

14. A mold case brought by a Tenant against his Landlord for exposure to her, as well as her three children.

15. A Heart and Hypertension case brought by a retired North Haven Fire Lieutenant against Town of North Haven resulting in a $400,000 recovery.

16. A claim seeking the reinstatement of a student in the State School System for his suspension due to an allegation of misconduct against his teacher.

 You can see that, experience counts, but depth of experience is even more important.
If you wish to discuss your claim, please feel free to contact me at 203-467-6003. My email address is My office is located at 89 Kimberly Avenue, East Haven, CT 06512, conveniently located off of Exit 51 – I95.

Social Security Disability
Making the decision to Apply for Social Security Disability can be difficult.

Many people who have worked for their entire adult lifetime are faced with the prospect that due to an injury or illness, they can no longer work.

Others have a disability which has prevented them from working altogether in their adult life time so they need help nonetheless that a Social Security Award would provide.

In these situations, children under the age of 18 Social Security have a disability that causes a parent to have to file for the Award on their behalf I think I can help.

I have practiced in the area of Social Security Disability Law since 1999.

Applicants should know that there are two Disability Programs each for people who have a disability based upon their own unique situations.

An SSDI Award is principally based upon:

  1. A person’s age;
  2. Educational background;
  3. Work experience; and
  4. Disability.

An SSI Award is granted to a disabled person who does not have a work history but who meets certain asset levels.

I have worked with clients in applying for both such Programs in the filing of the Initial Application (First Level), a Request for Reconsideration (Second Level), as well as the Trial of the case Before an Administrative Law Judge (third stage).

All cases are taken on a Contingency Basis which is paid directly by the United States Government from retroactive or past due benefits and it is the lesser of 25% percent of past due benefits or $6,000.00.

In the past, I have been successful in securing benefits for people of all ages who have had many different illnesses or injuries.

The following is a sampling of a few of them:

  • 53-year-old male with a permanent partial disability rating to the right hip, shoulder and right forearm injury, resulting in nerve decompression;
  • 46-year-old female suffering from MRSA, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder and acute anxiety disorder;
  • 49-year-old female suffering from hepatitis C, diabetes, asthma, and myotonic dystrophy;
  • 52-year-old male Vietnam Veteran suffering from degenerative disc disease to the low back, major depressive disorder and affective disorder;
  • 58-year-old female suffering from a broken back, resulting in multiple surgeries, i.e., a cervical discectomy and fusion, and a laminectomy;
  • 50-year-old female suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome , adult attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • 48-year-old male suffering from chronic degenerative disc disease, which resulted in a laminectomy, a spinal fusion, a cervical fusion, and chronic depression;
  • 26-year-old female suffering from complex congenital heart disease, born with no pumping chamber to her lungs, and living with a pacemaker;
  • 45-year-old female having undergone six open heart surgeries and having 40 hospitalizations born without a tricuspid valve;
  • 54-year-old male suffering from COPD, depression, giving rise to anger issues;
  • 56-year-old male suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and back injury resulted in a laminectomy, with decompression;
  • 48-year-old male suffering from HIV, Hep B, Hep C, and chronic liver disease, anxiety, and depression;
  • 57-year-old male suffering from Hep B, Hep C, ETOH abuse, brittle and uncontrolled diabetes, chronic stage five renal failure

Other Law Firms might tell you that when they take your case, that they handle it exclusively and intensively. However, the reality is that the file may be outsourced to others, or it might even be handed off to Attorney’s in another state. You may even be restricted in your contact with the attorney that you are assigned to. For example, you may be limited in the number of phone calls per month that you are permitted to make to the Attorney’s Office.

I don’t do that.

Your file stays here, where it is cultivated by me and my Paralegal, directly through Stage 3, the Trial before the Administrative Law Judge. And, you are not restricted in the amount of time that you are allowed to call my Office or talk to me. In short, we try to make a difficult process easier. We make known what is an unknown. You are left to seek, and continue with your medical treatment.

If you would like to discuss this further, you can reach me at 203-467-6003 or my email address is My Office is located at 89 Kimberly Avenue, East Haven, CT 06512.

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